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JV Giveaway Avalanche

JV Giveaway Avalanche

We probably heard the phrase “The Money is in The List” several times if you have looked into Internet Marketing as a career.  In fact you have probably heard that term much more than several times.  You have probably heard it repeated so much that you are fed up of it!  
However, not only am I going to repeat it here : “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST”, I want YOU to repeat it as well!  Go on, say it out loud – don’t worry if there is someone in the room with you, people will deliberately ignore the crazy person in the corner talking to themselves!  
You don’t have to shout, just vocalize it.  You don’t have to sing or chant or repeat it constantly.  Just say it to yourself in a normal speaking voice a couple of times. Just until it sinks in!   
Now I want you to change the words around a little.  I know you think I’m crazy but, trust me, it’s good for you!  Now I want you to repeat 3 or 4 times the phrase :  
Again,  just say it to yourself and emphasize the two MY’s.  Whilst you are saying it you must LISTEN to the words.  Hear what you are saying and take notice of it because if YOU don’t take notice of what YOU are saying then what chance is there of anyone else doing so?  
Done that?  Good.  Everyone else in the room think you’re crazy? Maybe not so good but they will change their mind when the money starts rolling in! 
The following topic covered    
Introduction – Where Is The Money?
JV Giveaway Events In A Nutshell
The Nut Is Cracked – More Detail Please
What Do I Need To Enter A JV Giveaway Event?
What Makes A Giveaway Event Great?
How On Earth Do I Find JV Giveaway Events?
How Do I Make Money From Giveaway Events?
Essential Tips For JV Giveaway Event Success 
There are MANY ways to build a mailing list.  Some of them are very cheap.  Some are very expensive.  Some are very slow.  Heck, some are illegal or, at least, break the rules (but we will leave those to the black hat boys – it’s not an avenue I ever intend to go down).  
Here are just a few of the ways of generating signups to your list: 
• Ad Swaps (Solo if you don’t have a list)
 • Affiliate Marketing 
• Joint Ventures 
• Recruiting Affiliates 
• Pay Per Click advertising 
• Press Releases 
• Article Writing & Directory Submission 
• Traffic Exchanges 
• Web Banner & Text Advertising 
• Ebay Marketing 
• And many, many more that won’t fit in here!
Master Resell Rights License
[YES] Can sell and keep 100% of the sales
[YES] Can edit the sales letter and graphics
[YES] Can be bundled into another paid package and sell at a higher price
[YES] Can be used as a bonus to another product you are selling
[YES] Can be added into a membership site
[YES] Can pass on the Resell Rights privilege to your customers
[YES] Can pass on the Master Resell Rights privilege to your customers
[YES] Can be given away for free
[NO] Contents of the product can be edited, modified or altered
[NO] CANNOT be sold with private label rights
No Liability
Under no circumstances will the product creator, programmer or any of the distributors of this product, or any distributors, be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special,incidental, or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this product This product is provided "as is" and without warranties

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