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What type of products will you be able to access?




 Software applications


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How Can You Make Money With These Amazing Products?

There are so many ways to profit from this incredible package! Here is a short list of what you could do to earn an incredible income with these products.

Sell them and keep ALL the money! Why settle for a 50% commission as an affiliate when you can keep ALL the money? Simply use the websites we provide you! These sites were created by professional web designers and are ready to take orders now!
Sell them on eBay! Auctions are hot, and you can cash in on the auction craze! After all, you will have more than 150 products to sell. Create an auction for each one and watch your bank account swell!
Build your own mailing list! Give away one or more books as an incentive for subscribing to your ezine or follow up system and watch as your mailing list swells!
Start your own affiliate program! Imagine having hundreds (or even thousands) of people promoting your product! You can build your own affiliate army with these hot selling products!
Sell resale rights and MASTER resale rights over and over. While it's great to sell products, the really big money comes when you sell resale rights. Now you can offer resale rights and master resale rights too!
Create a powerful AdSense income! There is no doubt about it, Google AdSense is here to stay! People everywhere are earning thousands of dollars every month (some are earning $20,000 or more!) by placing simple AdSense ads on their site. But the key to making it work is content! And now you can have literally thousands of pages of content today!
Combine them as niche packages organized into categories to make more sales. Example, you can combine sections from "self-hypnosis" and "Stop smoking" to create an ebook or web content about "Stopping Smoking through Self-Hypnosis."
Use them as web or ebook content, or as research materials for your own ebook or website project
Use them as bonuses for your own product! Package them with your own info product as valuable bonuses and watch your sales soar!
Create your own ezine! Use the information in these materials to publish your own ezine and sell ezine advertising! It's like free money!
Create your own viral ebook from these products. Allow anyone you give your viral ebook away from their website. Because you have the source code to many of these products, you can fill them with your affiliate links!
Earn backend or upsell income! Use these products to create backend and upsell product packages for your customers. When someone buys a product from you, simply offer them a similar or complimentary product. This can double your income!
Become our JV Affiliate partner! Just send an announcement to your opt in list and make 100% commissions for every sale. You will find complete details on how to promote this website inside the Master Resale Rights Club!
And much more! Your imagination is the only limit!

You can virtually do whatever you like with the products, as long as it is within the product's license guidelines. All master resale rights products come with the sales letter web pages and associated graphics.

 Here's a glimpse of just a few of the products currently available when you signup:

Azon Attitude Adjustment2 Blogging Development And Strategy Dash Diet Dynamite
Dog File Pro Software Easy Email Scrambler EZ Article Creator
File Converter Video Instructions Instant Yoga Site Loners Life Hack
Meditation Mastery 50 Awesome Glossy Layer Styles Avoid Credit Card Disaster
Budget Tips For Families Cracking The CPA Code Directory Submitter Software
GMap For WP Kitty Basics Paypal Cart For WP
Tame The Tension The Green Shopper Zoom Stats Pro
Addiction To Nutrition CB Multi Product Manager Crowd Funding Success Code
Express Link Checker Fireball Google Assistant Focus
Gamers Great Escape Instant Dating Site Living With Android
Meditation Mastery The Amazing Web 3.0 YOP Wordpress Plugin
Attraction Artist Blog Theme Generator Body Mass Index Calculators
Copy Writing Development And Strategy Countdown And Redirect Generator Easy Popup Generator
Essential Guide To Affiliate Profits Ez Wp Rotator Food Fanatic
Fun Animated Ticker Generator Simple PHP Redirect The Addicts Guide To Freedom
20 Internet Marketing Mistakes To ... 101 Free Top Rated Word Press Plugins Action Adventurer
Apple Technologies Explained Attracting Wealth Through The Law ... Business And Website Traffic
Cashing In On Health And Wellness Cheat Sheet For Being Beautiful Dancing Your Fat Away
Development Dilemma How To Get 1000 Subscribers In 30 ... IMA Blog Affiliate
Alternatives For Synergy Building Network Marketing Relatio... Debt Free Network Marketing Mindset
Free And Low Cost Ways To Build Yo... Kindling Success Manifestation Maestro
Profiting From PLR Products Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your ... The Big Book Of Newtork Marketing ...
WP No Right Click After Breakup Blog Profits
Build Your Network Business Baron Cyber Love
Positive Power Pre-Marriage Maintenance Smoking Solutions
Social Dating Wonderful Weight 21st Century Leveraging
Affirmation Basics Clickbank Affiliate Tips Easing Your Stress With Yoga
Get In Order Search Engine Optimization Today Slaying Social Anxiety
Spiritual Supremacy The Art of Astrology The Definitive Encyclopedia Of Sal...
Discipline Dynamics Energy Extravaganza Expressing Love Through Writing
Family Finances Gratitude For Today Marketers Guide To Resell Rights
Public Safety Patrol Vision Wo Glasses Blog Visualization Manifesto
Your Childs Mental Health Article Writing Tips eBay auction Tools and Secrets
Forex Foundry Greener Idead for Greener Living Sourcing and Hiring The Best Web D...
Internet Security Dating and Online Dating for Newbies Build The Perfect Mailing List
Quit Smoking Sale Hoo Secrets Tips Games for Travelling
Website Creation and Design Abundance Mantras Art of Allowing and Surrender
Essential Guide To Sales Funnels Home Business Quickstart Hot Niche Finding Formula
Internet Marketers Guide to PLR Living On Purpose Lose Fat Get Fit Convenient Home F...
Speaking Your Future Unexplained Mysteries Unique Romantic Proposal
Abolish Alcohol Creativity Unleashed Dealing With Sorrow
Diamond Destiny Get Rid Of Procrastination Harmonic Prosperity
Perfect Positivity Strong And Confident You Superb Spirituality
The Bondage Breaker Cant Keep My Eyes Off You Confident Prospecting
Digital Cancers Financially Free Inline Skating Made Simple
Kickass Dating Conversation Motocross Superstar Productivity Perfection
Terrific Teams The Marriage Fix Training Techniques
10 Best Board Games Abundance And The Art Of Giving Alpha Dog Internet Marketer
ClickBank Cash Cow Secrets Coaching The Coach Handyman At Work
Presell To Profits Crash Course Programming For Freshman The Befriender
The Traffic Generation Personality... Win The Foreclosure Battle 5th Wave Social Media OnSlaught
12 Social Marketing Tips All About Internet Marketing Blogging From The Beginning
ClickBank Cash Flow Secrets Consulting For Cash Copywriters Swipe File Vault
Pinterest Perfection Talking To A Prospect Zen And You
Acne Niche Blog Cooking Like A Chef Dog Health Care
Home Security Exposed Hypnotherapy Health Interview Techniques
Minisite Template Public Domain Taking The Perfect Camera Shots
The Force Of Fulcrums Tumblr Magic Art Of Writing A Speech
Confidence Factor Create Podcast Show Destroy Your Anger
Empower Your Personal Finance Expert Speaker Fitness Video Vibes
Format Ebook Kindle Host A Pod Cast Interview Plyometrics Fitness
QR Colors Wp Pic Size Plugin Your True Calling
Baby Weaning Digital Cameras for Beginners Getting The Perfect Job
Good Food and Drink Ideas Health Beauty Tips Jogging Guide
Low Carb Diets Explained Mentor Cash Unleashed Raising Your Children and Running ...
Resale Rights Products Self Defence Techniques Simple Traffic Techniques
Starting Your Own Home Internet Bu... Top Chef Tips Cooking Vitamin Vitality
Bulk Up Childcare Goldmine Crafty Cash
Earning Equilibrium Ghost Writing Gold iPad Era
Mortgage Deception Never Too Old To Exercise Nook Or Book

As you can see, you'll never be short of products to sell, give away or use yourself. It would literally take weeks to download them all...

Each month you will receive new, additional products that are added to keep your selections fresh and up-to-date.

Look what our members says about our membership.

"What a FANTASTIC collection!"

I'm just amazed at the content available for instant download at the MasterResaleRightsClub. I know for a fact it would cost a lot more to purchase these products initially and the value is redeemed with the very first download... No matter what the product is!

This is a great site to join to get your hands on the latest, greatest product releases. The potential for resale income is huge!

Warm regards

Eva Browne-Paterson


The Master Resale Rights Club is an increadible double edged sword worthy of inclusion into any internet marketing weapons kit.

Each member has access to an enormous range of useful tools, scripts, e-books etc....

The most exciting part of the deal is an oportunity to build a personal members list and be paid $9.95/mth for each member.

Juan Boulter

This is a very good site. I've not only made money on the memberships I've sold, but also on the products that you list every month. Great Job!
Pete Newton


If you are a reseller, you would be absolutely crazy not to join. For $9.95 you have access to over 500 products and the list keeps growing monthly. Avoid the hassle of buying new products when MRR Club does it for you!

Tim Brydges

Master Resale Rights gives me the opportunity to sell digital products at 100% commissions. The best thing is that not many people are selling the new products that get listed monthy, so you tend to get a head start on the competition.

Great Idea!
Teaching people to use valuable give away and branded products has been my trade mark.

The issue has always been where to find fresh matrial.

With The "Master Resell Rights Club" that problem issue is easily answered!

Thanks for a great and affordable Club!

Jim Reynolds

It doesn't matter what your level of experience is. With the collection of products available to you from our site, you can learn whatever it is that you need to know more about. You can resell in many varied and popular niches. You can make extra money from the highly sought after topics that are at your disposal. You can add extra functionality to your web sites and put the tactics that you've learned to practical use to add value to your business.

Our club is designed with your success in mind!

If you want hot selling information products to sell, click here.

If you want to keep all the money, click here.

If you want an instant inventory of products you can sell today, click here!

But if downloading the products and reselling them sounds like it will take up too much time and effort for your liking, you can promote the Master Resale Rights Club as a affiliate and make 100% commissions!

When we say we will pay 100% commissions, people think we're joking and don't believe us... But it's 100% FACT that we DO actually pay 100% commissions.

How Exactly Do We Pay 100% Commissions?

By promoting your affiliate link and referring new members to our site, you will receive the entire membership fee that your referral pays direct to your PayPal account or Alertpay account on file. Believe us when we say there is absolutely no catch here... We've simply included this option to:

1. Stand out from the crowd and offer you more value and income streams.
2. To cater to those who don't wish to resell from their own web site.

So in effect, you don't even need to have your own web site to make money from your membership. You can simply promote our program and make true 100% commissions!

In case you don't quite realise it, this is a fantastic feature that you won't come across very often online, and another great reason to signup straight away.

That's Right - Promote & Earn A Residual Income With 100% Commissions! YOU Keep Every Cent!


We're not even going to attempt to put a dollar value on this incredible vault of products... And we're not going to ask you to dig so deep that it hurts every month to take advantage of our offer... You can gain access as a valued member for a teeny $14.95/mth to make it as affordable as possible for you.

That's Right -- Just $14.95 a Month for ALL This!

We'll even give you unlimited banner rotations on our web site absolutely FREE as a bonus when you signup today. That has to be worth at least $40/mth, so you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by joining now.

You won't find this kind of value anywhere else... Similar sites charge a lot more than $14.95/mth for members to gain similar value, if not less than what we offer here. And where else will you have unlimited banner impressions added to your membership for no extra cost?

Take the first step to securing your access to up-to-date products each month without having the worry of creating your own products from scratch!


You will be redirected to setup your account and then to PayPal/Alertpay to setup a subscription payment. This will take less than five minutes to complete. Once your account is verified, you will have immediate access to the download area.

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